Why is KMS Pico Better Than KMS Auto?

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  • 03 Jule 2024
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With KMSAuto Net, a Microsoft activator, you may get free Windows activation for versions 7 through 10. How this activator activates makes your Windows appear to be an authentic copy. Even if your Office version is as old as 2003, you may still activate any version of Microsoft with the KMS activator.

This activator allows you to activate the most recent Microsoft Office 365 version, which is unobtainable through any other activation. Rather than just activating Windows, KMS Auto is a multipurpose activator that provides customers with a variety of capabilities. With KMS Auto, installing additional activators is not necessary if you wish to install different Microsoft Office versions. On your computer, you can download every version of Windows.

Because of its creation, the KMSAuto activator is very simple to install; you don't need to be technically skilled or hire a guide to help you. Large organizations utilize key management servers (KMSs) because they are dependable and user-friendly. It activates instantly on your smartphone without requiring you to perform any further settings or press any keys.

KMSAuto Features

Let us examine the primary functionalities of KMSAuto that facilitate customers' effortless activation of Microsoft Windows operating systems. This activator serves as an alternative for people who cannot afford an original copy of a specific Windows version. You can retrieve the original Windows status with KMSAuto. It's important to remember, though, that utilizing a duplicate OS version will result in you being reported as a spammer.

If you want not to renew your expired Microsoft Office and save money, you can utilize the KMSAuto activation. Even the most recent version of Microsoft Office can be activated using this activator, which works with all versions. This program can assist you if you need to become more experienced with utilizing a product key to activate Windows. It saves you time by making it simple to activate Windows with just one click.

KMS Auto

Because it doesn't include any advertisements, the KMSAuto activator is a great tool that ensures a distraction-free Windows activation experience. The utility also comes with backup files, which simplify the process of reinstalling and activating Windows without the need for additional steps. This feature is particularly helpful for dealing with corrupted systems.

Unlike other activators, KMSAuto activator permanently activates Windows on your system, eliminating the need for a subsequent activation. The activator is dependable because it is virus-free and does not contain viruses or trojans.

How Does KMSAuto Operate?

By setting up a virtual server on a PC and activating the software, auto KMS replaces a real development site using a fundamental technique. The virtual server's activation will terminate if it is deleted from the PC in any way. The software should be reactivated in such a situation.

The Greatest Method to Use KMSauto Net to Activate Windows 10

How to activate KMSauto Net for Windows and Office? Take the actions listed below!

  1. Use this link to disable antivirus software when downloading KMS Auto Net. Activator is very easy to use (especially in automatic mode). First, download KMS activator from the official website. Then, open the program archive on your computer.
  2. Use WinRAR to extract after downloading.
  3. Choose "Run as administrator" when you right-click KMSAuto Net.exe.
  4. Right-click the executable file and select ‘Run as administrator.’ If you do not do this, the program cannot add the license key.
  5. You will see the activator's main window. Here, click ‘Activate.’
  6. Next, select "Activation." Now select the product you want to activate: Windows or Microsoft Office. You need to click the corresponding button. The activation process will be displayed in the console. A message about the successful installation of the key will also appear. In addition, technical information about the application will be displayed on the blue background of the screen.

The inbuilt scheduler will prompt you to create a task to automatically reactivate the OS. Agree to this by simply clicking the ‘Yes’ button. You can choose not to create a task, but in this case, you will have to reactivate the product manually after a certain number of days.


The KMSAuto development team also created KMSPico, which led to comparable features and requirements for both activators. If you want complete access to all features without having to buy a legitimate copy of Windows, consider utilizing KMSPico to activate Microsoft Office.

KMS Pico

You'll need to purchase a license to keep using Microsoft Office's primary features after the 30-day trial period ends. You will need to spend money on this. If you'd rather use a licensed, free operating system, you can use KMSPico.

Features of KMSPico: Activate Office 2016 KMS Pico

KMSPico and KMSAuto have similar features. These activators can activate Microsoft Office 365 and Windows editions. Furthermore, KMSPico can activate Windows-based services, which is a useful tool for users.

Without running the risk of being discovered, the Windows operating system can be activated with the kmspico activator office 2016. It is virus- and malware-free and safe. It is free of advertisements and works with 32- and 64-bit computers. Even if you’re not a professional, you can easily install it and enjoy lifetime activation, just like having an original license.

How is KMSpico Operated? KMSPico Activate Windows 10

Now that we understand KMSpico, let's see how it functions. Since KMSpico functions as a Windows and KMS pico office activator, as we've already seen, installing it is rather easy:

We quickly install a ZIP or.exe file that we download. Demand has even prompted the development of new Trojans and infections in modified variants.

Typically, antivirus software finds them, so downloading one of the online versions risks infection. Although KMSpico is one of the numerous Microsoft software activators accessible, once downloaded and activated, all of them may be dangerous.

Which Systems is KMSpico Compatible With?

You may get the most recent version of KMSpico for free online. It backs the following claims:

  • Windows versions include Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP
  • Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007 are also supported.
  • It is advised to update the Microsoft.NET Framework on your computer.

How Can I Install KMSpico on My Computer After Downloading It?

  1. Until your activation is finished, first turn off any antivirus software on your computer.
  2. Download "KMSpico.exe" from the official KMSpico website.
  3. Set up your machine to run KMSpico.
  4. Click "Yes" at this point, based on the operating system that your system is using.
  5. Click the large red button to begin the activation process.
  6. Click "I" after verifying your system version and activation status.
  7. Your activation status will be finished in a few minutes. Your system's antivirus can now be turned on.


Although the KMS team produced both activators, there are few distinctions between them other than that they are quite comparable. While KMSAuto lacks this capability, KMSPico supports various languages, allowing you to use any other language on your computer if you do not speak English.

The Windows 7 activation you might have using KMSAuto is incompatible with KMSPico. Installing KMSPico is a must; however, KMSAuto Net does not require installation.